Qsmtp  0.30dev
File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
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 client.hDefinitions for SMTP client code to parse server replies
 conn.hHeaders of Qremote functions for connection establishing
 greeting.hDefinitions for EHLO parsing part of Qremote
 mime.hFunctions for parsing MIME messages
 qrdata.hFunction definitions for Qremote's handling of message bodies
 qremote.hDefinitions for common parts from Qremote exported from qremote.c
 starttlsr.hInterface for Qremote's STARTTLS handling
 addrparse.hHeaders of address parser functions
 antispam.hHeaders of antispam helper functions
 commands.hFunction definitions for SMTP command handler functions
 qsauth.hFunction definitions for Qsmtpd's handling of message bodies
 qsauth_backend.hFunction definitions for Qsmtpd's AUTH backend API
 qsdata.hFunction definitions for Qsmtpd's handling of message bodies
 qsmtpd.hDefinitions for common parts from Qsmtpd exported from qsmtpd.c
 queue.hFunction definitions for communication with qmail-queue
 starttls.hFunctions for Qsmtpd STARTTLS functions
 syntax.hFunctions to handle syntax error in the commands an SMTP client sends
 userconf.hDefinition of the helper functions around the user configuration
 userfilters.hCommon function definitions for all user filters
 vpop.hDeclaration of function for accessing vpopmail data files
 xtext.hHeaders of functions for xtext parsing
 base64.hHeaders of Base64 encode and decode functions
 cdb.hHeaders of function to read from CDB database
 control.hHeaders of functions for control file handling
 diropen.hDeclarations of functions for handling directories
 fmt.hFunctions for output formatting
 ipme.hHeaders of functions to filter out IP addresses of the local machine
 libowfatconn.hFunction declarations for libowfat connector
 log.hHeader for syslog interface functions
 match.hFunctions for matching IP and domains against patterns
 mime_chars.hDefinitions of MIME character classes
 mmap.hHeaders of functions for mapping files into memory
 netio.hFunctions for network I/O
 qdns.hHeaders of functions for DNS lookups
 qdns_dane.hDefinitions for DNS DANE information
 ssl_timeoutio.hDefinition of wrappers around OpenSSL functions
 sstring.hDefinition of string record and headers of corresponding helper functions
 tls.hGlobal SSL error handling definitions
 base64.cBase64 encoding and decoding functions
 cdb.cFunctions to read from CDB database
 control.cFunctions to load data from configuration files
 dns_helpers.cDNS helper functions that do no network actions
 fmt.cFunctions for output formatting
 ipme.cFunctions to filter out IP addresses of the local machine
 libowfatconn.cConnector functions for libowfat DNS functions
 log.cSyslog interface
 match.cIP and domain matching functions
 mmap.cFunction to mmap a file
 netio.cFunctions for network I/O
 qdns.cDNS query functions
 ssl_timeoutio.cSSL encoding and decoding functions for network I/O
 tls.cHelper functions for STARTTLS
 client.cSMTP client code to parse server replies
 common_setup.cSetup function shared between Qremote and Qsurvey
 conn.cFunctions for establishing connection to remote SMTP server
 greeting.cFunction to parse the EHLO greeting response
 mime.cMIME handling functions
 qrdata.cSend message body to remote host
 qremote.cMain functions of Qremote
 reply.cFunctions to read and parse server replies
 smtproutes.cFunctions for handling of control/smtproutes
 starttlsr.cFunctions for SSL encoding and decoding of network I/O
 status.cFunctions to write delivery status information to qmail-rspawn
 qsauth_backend_cp.cCheckpassword AUTH backend
 getfile.cFunctions to get information from filterconf files
 vpop.cFunction to get domain directory of vpopmail virtual domain
 badcc.cReject multiple recipients mail if specific other recipients are given
 badmailfrom.cReject mail based on envelope from
 boolean.cBoolean reject decisions
 check2822.cCheck RfC2822 syntax of mail body
 rcpt_filters.cCollection of all user filters for access by qsmtpd.c
 smtpbugs.cReject mail when sending SMTP engine is not standard compliant
 spf.cReject mail based on SPF policy
 addrparse.cValidate email addresses
 addrsyntax.cCheck syntax of email addresses and SMTP helos
 antispam.cSeveral helper functions for spam filters
 auth.cFunctions for SMTP AUTH
 child.cHelper functions for interacting with Qsmtpds child processes
 data.cReceive and queue message data
 qsmtpd.cMain part of Qsmtpd
 queue.cFunctions for communication with qmail-queue
 spf.cFunctions to query and parse SPF entries
 starttls.cFunctions for STARTTLS SMTP command
 syntax.cSyntax checking helper functions
 xtext.cFunctions for xtext parsing
 version.hDefinition of Qsmtp(d) version string